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Fire Prevention Week Is Oct. 3-9

Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, encourages the fire service to educate their communities about the different sounds smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms make and actions to take if an alarm sounds.

A Proclamation on Fire Prevention Week, 2021

Share the content below with your community to help inform them about the life-saving benefits of smoke and CO alarms.

Learn the sounds of safety

Share this video on your social channels to teach your community about the different sounds that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make.

Audio description

Share these cards and more

Choose from a wide variety of smoke and carbon monoxide alarm cards that you can download and post to your social channels.


Customize these handouts with your logo and share with your community.

Hear the beep where you sleep

smoke alarm safety tips handout Download this handout

Carbon monoxide safety

carbon monoxide safety tips handout Download this handout


Our pictographs can help you reach everyone in your community with smoke alarm and carbon monoxide safety messages.

pictograph demonstrating a strobe smoke alarm

Browse smoke alarm pictographs

pictograph showing where to place CO alarms

Browse CO pictographs

Stock photos

Free, high-resolution U.S. Fire Administration stock images for your use in fire and life safety outreach, training and other materials. Images are copyright free and no permission is required.

Current Issues

New research on waking children with smoke alarms

High-frequency tone smoke alarms are not effective in waking sleeping pre-teenage children. Learn about the latest research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital on how quickly children awaken from slow-wave sleep and perform an escape procedure in response to smoke alarms using a:

  • Female voice.
  • Male voice.
  • Combination of a low-frequency tone plus a female voice.
  • High-frequency.
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