National Preparedness Month
September 2018

Fires happen. Prepare now. Learn how.

Use our social tools, pictographs and handouts to show your community how to prepare for the possibility of a home fire.

#NatlPrep #PrepareNow

Visit for emergency preparedness resources that will help your community go from awareness to action!

Fires Happen poster

Fires Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How. Download poster PDF 294 KB

Make and practice a home fire escape plan

Encourage community members to make a home fire escape plan and to practice it at least twice a year.

Learn lifesaving skills

Use these materials to help to raise community awareness about lifesaving skills that might be needed in case of a fire — such as “stop, drop and roll,” calling 911, and teaching children how to escape from a home fire.

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stop, drop and roll pictograph

If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll. Stop, drop to the ground, and cover your face with your hands. Roll over and over or back and forth until the fire is out.

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Fire safety checklists PDF < 200 KB

After a home fire

Many people who experience a home fire don’t know where to begin or who to contact afterward. Inform residents about what to do after a fire … before fire strikes. Doing so will help them with the recovery process in the unfortunate event of a home fire.

After the Fire!

After the fire: Returning to Normal

This booklet provides information on recovering from a fire, including what to do during the first 24 hours, insurance considerations, valuing property, replacing documents, salvage hints, fire department operations and more.

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Prepare for an emergency

Share these materials to help community residents prepare for wildfires and other emergencies.

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stop, drop and roll pictograph

Make sure all vents for your furnace, stove, fireplaces, and dryers are clear of snow and other debris.

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Wildfires: Protect Yourself and Your Community PDF ~3.5 MB

Tips for homeowners to help them prepare their homes and their community for a wildfire.

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