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May Is Building Safety Month

Posted: May 13, 2021

Prevent, Prepare, Protect. Building Codes Save Lives.

This May is the 41st annual Building Safety Month, a time to recognize the importance of strengthening, repairing and modernizing our buildings and infrastructure. Community members, government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and other interested groups are encouraged to join in activities that raise awareness about building safety.

All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse. Building codes are society's best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and entertainment venues.

Building Safety Month themes

Each year in May, the International Code Council (ICC) and representatives from the building construction, design and safety communities come together with partner organizations to promote building safety through proclamations, informational events, legislative briefings and more. This annual campaign reinforces the need for the adoption of modern, regularly updated building codes, and helps individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

Each week in May features a different topic:

  • Week 1: Energy and Conservation.
  • Week 2: Training the Next Generation.
  • Week 3: Water safety.
  • Week 4: Disaster Preparedness.

Building safety resources

Throughout the month-long campaign, a series of free webinars are offered, including:

  • MAY 20 Codes and Standards, How Are They Different and How are Codes Developed?
  • MAY 25 The Future of Building Codes and Hazard Mitigation.

More information and resources, including building safety campaign and safety toolkits and educational materials for children, are available on the ICC's website.

Follow the building safety conversation on social media in May.

#CODEversation #BuildingSafety365

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