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Securing soft targets and crowded places

Posted: Nov. 5, 2020

Planning and response guidance for first responders on active shooters, vehicle ramming, chemical attacks and fire as a weapon.

Foreign and domestic extremists and terrorists continue to focus on attacks against soft targets and crowded places: they are easy to surveil, rarely guarded or well-secured and one or a few people can easily do a lot of damage without a great amount of planning or training.

First responders, venues, business owners and the public can use CISA's collection of resources covering the many facets of this topic. Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Places offers planning and response guidance on active shooters, vehicle ramming, chemical attacks and fire as a weapon.

Procedural guides and training are available for first responders. Some topics include:

  • Evacuation planning for stadiums.
  • Bag check procedural guides.
  • Challenges of drone attacks.
  • Suspicious activity identification, reporting and insider threats.
  • Identifying, preventing and responding to bombs and explosives.

See the CISA web site for a full list of available resources and links to other agencies.

This article is based on content in the
Nov. 5, 2020 InfoGram.

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