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NIMS Can Help
manage your staff and their positions and position task books, training, qualifications and licenses.


The OneResponder network is a web-based master qualifications system that provides a common language and approach to quickly qualify and certify emergency personnel.

Employing the National Qualification System can provide a foundational guideline on the typing of personnel resources within the National Incident Management System framework. OneResponder allows you to customize your position qualifications, resource catalogs, establish and maintain data-sharing networks with other participants, and collaborate on master resource catalogs. It can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and via the web, allowing it to be seamlessly and rapidly employed at all levels of government and their partners during emergency response.

This is not a deployment tool; it is a practical online system to help you manage your personnel. It is designed to support the development of a national incident workforce. OneResponder is free to all state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies and nongovernment organizations.

Visit FEMA.gov to learn more about this network.