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NIMS Can Help
leverage and manage your resources and those of the private sector and volunteer organizations.

Resource Management

Resource Management, a key task to building and sustaining capabilities, is a component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) doctrine. NIMS can help your organization to manage its resources — personnel, teams, facilities, equipment and supplies — and help prepare for possible risks.

Most jurisdictions or organizations do not own and maintain all the resources necessary to address all potential threats and hazards. To prepare for and respond to a wide range of emergencies, they need to leverage resources from within the community — public, private and volunteer — and enter into mutual aid agreements with other jurisdictions or organizations.

NIMS provides for three ways to manage your resources so that you can effectively share with and leverage the resources of others.

You can find more information about resource management and NIMS at FEMA.gov and NIMS Guides and Tools.