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National 9-1-1 data system request for information

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), on behalf of the National 9-1-1 Program, invites interested parties to submit comments and ideas on all aspects of the development, implementation and operations of a nationally uniform 9-1-1 data system. This is open to all public and private agencies, academic institutions, PSAP managers, associations, public interest groups, local and State 9-1-1 authorities, CAD vendors, and developers. continued

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  • TRIPwire Report: New York, New Jersey bombings
  • Pipeline emergency response webinars
  • “Workplace Down” active shooter exercise
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New, safer personal protective equipment option for wildland firefighters; Improving medical response to blast injuries; Officer-involved shootings guide for leaders, Tools and resources for emergency services
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Healthcare Ready helps medical supply chain, Next-Generation Incident Command System, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team use of social media during floods, Managing the dead in disasters
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Flooding resources for first responders, 3D technology causes problems at airport, Insider threat more of a problem than you think, National Preparedness Month and media toolkit
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Flooding resources for public health, New anti-human trafficking materials available, When you get blank stares...., Webinar: Private sector access to disaster sites

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Aug. 11, 2016 PDF 302 KB
Violence against officers not limited to cities, August terror threat snapshot, Project looks at chemical explosive precursors, Webinar: Doxing threat to public safety workers
Aug. 5, 2016 PDF 352 KB
Ambush-style officer deaths up 300 percent, Elephant tranquilizers mixed with heroin, Florida confirms locally-acquired Zika cases, Webinar: Airborne law enforcement tactics
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Study looks at 9-1-1 dispatchers and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Utilizing other agencies in prefire planning, Voice radio communications guide, Webinar: Emerging risks of Unmanned Aerial Systems
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Los Angeles studies Paris attacks; Cybersecurity guide for law enforcement agencies; Popular game a problem for authorities, business; Radiological/nuclear training for hazardous materials techs
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Integrated response in active shooter events, Crafting effective emergency communication, Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, Emergency training for houses of worship
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Officer safety: Drug Enforcement Agency warns of Fentanyl, Event management and support one-stop shop, Global Terrorism Database updated with 2015 data, Modernize your fire department with GIS tools
June 30, 2016 PDF 247 KB
Radiological material threats and response, Emergency planning for people with disabilities, Long-term roadway incident management
June 23, 2016 PDF 252 KB
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns on mcr-1 gene found in U.S., Video walks through bomb threat checklist, National Preparedness Report 2016, Disaster Research Response Program
June 16, 2016 PDF 282 KB
Responding to incidents of mass violence, New training focuses on firefighter safety culture, Webinar: Hurricane scenario analysis, Law enforcement use of force webinar
June 9, 2016 PDF 369 KB
Decontamination and sanitation of personal protective equipment, Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, Remember FEMA App as hurricane season begins, Bailouts and confined space rescue training
June 2, 2016 PDF 364 KB
Carbon monoxide still a risk in summer, Helping victims of mass violence and terrorism, Social media practices for fire departments, 9-1-1 regionalization resources available
May 26, 2016 PDF 395 KB
Mental health care on - and off - the job, Office of Bombing Prevention virtual training, Updated toolkit centers of fire-based EMS
May 19, 2016 PDF 239 KB
2016 Safety Stand Down: the first five minutes, New International Fire Service Training Association cancer guide released, Workplace violence and EMS personnel, First Amendment training, resources for law enforcement
May 12, 2016 PDF 347 KB
Seismic activity increasing around “Ring of Fire;” Law enforcement uses for unmanned aircraft systems; DHS fellows program looks for state, local, tribal and territorial partners; Zika preparedness webinar for public health
May 5, 2016 PDF 261 KB
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health warns of counterfeit respirators, Ransomware still targeting law enforcement, New Wildland Urban Interface toolkit, 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook released
April 28, 2016 PDF 381 KB
ISIL shows interest in radiological attacks, Protecting firefighters from hearing loss,“Safety in the Sanctuary” for houses of worship, National Health Security Preparedness Index
April 21, 2016 PDF 268 KB
Operations Security (OPSEC) program assists local agencies, Intelligence guide for first responders in print, Arson Awareness Week 2016: Wildfire Arson, EMS webcast – Got Questions?
April 14, 2016 PDF 268 KB
FEMA requests feedback on NIMS refresh, Duo of support websites for first responders, Cyber investigative training for law enforcement
April 7, 2016 PDF 288 KB
Zika may grow as we enter summer season, State of 9-1-1 webinar: Railroad Incident Response, Briefings on Ukraine power infrastructure attack, Ground vehicle standard for ambulances
March 31, 2016 PDF 290 KB
April brings number of significant anniversaries, Are your employees willing to sell their password?, Webinar: Critical role of 9-1-1 operators, Religious and cultural literacy in emergencies
March 24, 2016 PDF 253 KB
Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program; FBI, NHTSA warn of car hacking risk; Training public health to respond to disaster; Tsunami awareness and safety
March 17, 2016 PDF 253 KB
EMS body camera, Naloxone used in heroin fight, “CSX Rail Respond” provides critical information, Joplin, Missouri: Five years later, EMS focus webinar: Evidence-based patient care
March 10, 2016 PDF 370 KB
Ensuring safe roadside crash scene response, NIST video shows dangers of wind-driven fires, A look at 9-1-1 response in San Bernardino, Proposed fatigue guidelines for EMS workers
March 3, 2016 PDF 377 KB
Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council Five in 5, National Planning System for the whole community, Updated Natural Hazards Library catalog online, NWS resumes project for safer air travel
Feb. 25, 2016 PDF 275 KB
A look at 2015 derailment response in Philadelphia, Hospital hit with ransomware attacks, Cybersecurity webinar for health and public safety, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/drone webinar: Hovering friends or foes?
Feb. 18, 2016 PDF 422 KB
Cybersecurity takes forefront in new action plan, Association of American Railroads: Crude by Rail training for first responders, Countering violent extremism website for teens, SAFETY Act webinar
Feb. 11, 2016 PDF 247 KB
Conducting wildland fire assessments, Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness, FBI webinar on active shooter study’s results, Emergency transport ventilator recall
Feb. 4, 2016 PDF 252 KB
Chemical Safety Board: West, Texas explosion and fire final report, Training recommendations for 9-1-1 personnel, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care webinar
Jan. 28, 2016 PDF 264 KB
Snow-covered hydrants delay fire response, Critical need for blood donations after storms, Zika virus outbreak, Wildfire Community Preparedness Day set for May
Jan. 21, 2016 PDF 389 KB
Webinar: successful body worn camera programs, Proposed deductible for disaster declarations, The role of EMS in ending human trafficking, Back to basics: information security
Jan. 14, 2016 PDF 417 KB
Firefighter cancer webinar for volunteers, “Chemical agents of opportunity” training, Health needs of older adults during disasters
Jan. 7, 2016 PDF 397 KB
Fire Service — Needs Assessment Survey, Preparing for Unseasonal Disasters, 2015 Human Trafficking Arrests by ICE, Upcoming Cyber-Focused Webinars and Training
Dec. 31, 2015 PDF 272 KB
Law Enforcement Guidance for Unmanned Aerial Systems Issues, TRANSCAER 2016 Hazardous Materials Training Schedule, Wildfire Mitigation Training Available for 2016, Workplace Violence Guide for Healthcare Settings
Dec. 17, 2015 PDF 232 KB
Homeland Security Upgrades National Terrorism Advisory System, Medical Response to Paris Attacks, Medical Mass Casualty Management Checklists, High-Visibility Personal Protective Equipment for Law Enforcement
Dec. 10, 2015 PDF 415 KB
OHA’s New Chemical Response Resources Sheet, FBI Releases 2000-2013 Active Shooter Study, USFA and IAFC Study Assaults on Responders, Creating a More Resilient Campus: EMI Webinar
Dec. 3, 2015 PDF 253 KB
Resources for Active Shooter Response, Securing Emergency Vehicles and Equipment, Mental Illness Response Overloads Departments
Nov. 19, 2015 PDF 231 KB
Tactical Emergency Medical Services Training, Protecting Medical Workers from Disease, National Volunteer Fire Council Online Courses Free for a Limited Time, Webinar: Preparing Vulnerable Populations
Nov. 12, 2015 PDF 294 KB
Emergency Services Sector Information Sharing, Electromagnetic Pulse Knocks Swedish Air Traffic Control Off-Line, The Future of Smart Cities: Infrastructure Risk, International Association of Chiefs of Police Online Juvenile Justice Training
Nov. 5, 2015 PDF 267 KB
Impersonation of First Responders and Military, Codes Must Account for Classroom Barricades, Justice: New Office Focuses on Domestic Terrorism, USFA Professional Development Series
Oct. 29, 2015 PDF 232 KB
Violence Against Emergency Medical Technicians Prompts Training in Detroit, Drought and Public Health, Emergency Management’s Cyber Risk, “Stop the Bleed” Public Service Campaign
Oct. 22, 2015 PDF 253 KB
Webinar: 2011 Reno Air Race Crash Response; FBI Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Training Discusses Foot Pursuits; Tribal Training Week at the Centers for Domestic Preparedness Set for March; Online Tool Details Terrorist Groups, Behavior
Oct. 15, 2015 PDF 241 KB
Dangers of Home Medical Oxygen Cylinders, Money Management for Volunteer Departments, Independent Review of Texas Ebola Management, Propane Emergencies Online Training
Oct. 8, 2015 PDF 377 KB
Intelligence Guide for First Responders, Cybercrime Response Costs Plenty, Emergency Plans Training for Rural Regions, Comments Sought on FirstNet Cybersecurity
Sept. 30, 2015 PDF 260 KB
Beware Drug “Trap” Houses, FBI Codebreakers Assist Law Enforcement, School Labs Pose Multitude of Problems, Fire Prevention Week 2015: Smoke Alarms
Sept. 24, 2015 PDF 268 KB
Emergency Medical Services Response to Butane Hash Incidents, Planning for Animals in Disasters, 2016 Wildfire Mitigation Awards

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