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About the EMR‑ISAC

The U.S. Fire Administration's (USFA) Emergency Management and Response – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EMR‑ISAC) is a major information sharing hub for the dissemination of critical infrastructure protection and emerging threat information for the Emergency Services Sector (ESS).

How the EMR‑ISAC helps ESS departments and agencies

The EMR‑ISAC collects and shares critical infrastructure protection and emerging threat information relevant to the ESS from federal, state, local, tribal, territorial and private sector partners. Information is published through U.S. Department of Homeland Security information sharing mechanisms, including:.

The InfoGram

Produced weekly, the InfoGram includes short articles about the protection of community critical infrastructures and emergency responders. Subscribe to The InfoGram


Distributed as needed, EMR‑ISAC bulletins contain timely, important homeland security information affecting the ESS. Personnel currently in emergency services leadership positions, and who subscribe to The InfoGram, may also be eligible to receive FOUO information. Please contact the EMR‑ISAC at emr-isac@fema.dhs.gov or 301-447-1325 for assistance with subscribing to FOUO information.

Homeland Security Information Network – Emergency Services (HSIN‑ES)

With over 28,000 vetted users, the emergency services community on HSIN has become an information clearinghouse for emergency services professionals across the United States. Whether they need information about a significant incident, or help researching a potential threat to their jurisdiction, emergency services leaders know they can turn to HSIN‑ES to get answers. Information includes:

To see if you are eligible for access to HSIN‑ES, please email the emr-isac@fema.dhs.gov or call us at 301-447-1325.

Critical infrastructure protection job aid

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Process Job Aid is a guide to assist leaders of the ESS with the process of critical infrastructure protection. The document provides a model process or template for the systematic protection of critical infrastructures. It is not a training manual or a complete road map of procedures to be strictly followed.

The critical infrastructure protection process described in this document can be easily adapted to assist the infrastructure protection objectives of any community, service, department, agency or organization.

Download the job aid