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Community Risk Reduction

Fire departments are uniquely positioned to know their communities better than most other organizations. Firefighters and emergency medical services responders see firsthand, whether through medical calls, inspections or simply driving through the community, how people live and the needs they have.

A community risk reduction (CRR) program can help your department take what you already know and lower the risks within your area of operation. CRR uses a wide variety of tools to form a strategic and integrated program focused on reducing the occurrence and impact of local risks.

The “5 E’s” is one of the models used to help combat the fire and life safety problem. The 5 E’s are:


firefighter testing a face piece

Engineering provides an opportunity to work with local organizations and government to promote new fire safety technologies in your community.

Fire and the emergency medical services are integrating technology to reduce personnel demands, train members, improve emergency operations, reduce community risk, and change the way we respond to incidents.


propane tanks outside at a store

Enforcement identifies potential risks and non-compliance in your local properties and teaches your community how fire safety codes protect them.

The Fire Marshal Interchange provides a community for professionals to share knowledge and information about enforcement issues.

Emergency response

firefighters wearing SCBA

Emergency response protects your community and your firefighters by ensuring they have the equipment and training they need.

Learn about current issues affecting emergency responders and how to reduce your risk on the USFA Blog. Topics include equipment and technology, hazardous materials, health and safety, terrorism, training, and more.