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Deputy Fire Marshal Greg Bozdech and Buddy

Buddy, an accelerant detection canine from Pearland, Texas, and his partner Deputy Fire Marshal Greg Bozdech.

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ADC:Buddy, 6-year-old yellow Labrador retriever
Handler:Deputy Fire Marshal Greg Bozdech
Community:Pearland, Texas
Training:Canine Academy Training Center, Texas

Buddy is the first dog used for detection of accelerants by the Pearland Fire Department.

Deputy Fire Marshal Bozdech and Buddy are called to fire investigations in Pearland and six surrounding counties. In its four-year existence, this ADC team has responded to more than 100 calls to sniff for possible accelerants. Last year, investigators requested Pearland’s ADC team to assist in a home fire investigation. While conducting a canine sniff, Buddy located a small can of ignitable liquid hidden by the suspect and used to set the fire.

In addition to fire investigations, Deputy Fire Marshal Bozdech and Buddy play a key role in fire prevention activities. The team promotes fire safety at numerous public events and has reached more than 17,000 residents with life-saving fire safety messages.

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