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Detective John V. Peters and Daisy

Daisy, an accelerant detection canine from Westchester County, New York works with her partner Detective John V. Peters.

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ADC:Daisy, black Labrador retriever
Handler:Detective John V. Peters
Community:Westchester County, New York
Training:State Farm Arson Dog Program

Daisy was recently called in on a cold case homicide from 2007. She indicated on the only two cans suspected of having accelerants in them, leading to renewed interest in the case with the possibility for a murder conviction.

Detective Peters and his canine partner Daisy work for the Westchester County Police located north of New York City. In 2013, Daisy worked 67 cases with nearly half identified as intentional, resulting in further arson investigation. During a recent fire investigation in Yonkers, several children displaced as a result of the fire remembered Daisy from a visit to their school. Daisy comforted the children during this trying time.

A true modern dog — Daisy has 1,300 Likes on her Facebook page, “Daisy the Arson Detection Dog.”

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