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Lt. Keith Lynn and Glory

Lt. Keith Lynn and Glory, a 2-year-old Labrador retriever, work fire scenes in and around Beloit, Wisconsin.

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ADC:Glory, 2-year-old Labrador retriever
Handler:Lt. Keith Lynn
Community:Beloit, Wisconsin
Training:State Farm Arson Dog Program

The Beloit Fire Department began using accelerant detection canines in 1996, due to a higher-than-average arson rate.

Lt. Keith Lynn and Glory work for the Beloit Fire Department, which is located on the southern border of Wisconsin.

Glory’s keen sense of smell can narrow down a fire’s origin and help Lt. Lynn determine which evidence should be sent to the crime lab. The team can confirm or rule out the possibility of arson within a matter of minutes. Without canine assistance, finding a cause could take weeks, with multiple investigators sifting through the debris.

Glory’s sense of smell is also used to identify possible suspects. By walking through the crowd at a fire scene, Glory will indicate to Lt. Lynn if she detects accelerants on a person’s clothing.

Public education is a substantial part of Glory’s job. Glory and Lt. Lynn visit schools, clubs and organizations, talking about fire safety, fire prevention and arson awareness.

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