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Lt. Carlton Saunders and Horton

Lt. Carlton Saunders from Howard County, Maryland and Horton take a break from training at Maine Specialty Dogs in Alfred, Maine.

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ADC:Horton, 3-year-old Labrador and golden retriever mix
Handler:Lt. Carlton Saunders
Community:Howard County, Maryland
Training:State Farm Arson Dog Program

Horton visits forensic classes at Howard County high schools to demonstrate his role in fire investigations and identifying samples at a fire scene.

Lt. Saunders is a fire investigator for Howard County Fire and Rescue located southwest of Baltimore. Horton started his career as a service dog for people with disabilities but his exuberance made him better suited for accelerant detection training.

In his short 1 1/2-year tenure, Horton has identified ignitable liquids at many fires and visits schools for fire safety presentations, earning the respect of firefighters and investigators along the way.

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