Chief Lee Laubach and Judge

Chief Lee Laubach of the Allentown Fire Department and his canine partner Judge wow students at a public education demonstration at a Lehigh Valley school.

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ADC:Judge, yellow Labrador retriever
Handler:Chief Lee Laubach
Community:Allentown, Pennsylvania
Training:State Farm Arson Dog Program

Parents of school children that Judge visits have called Chief Laubach to let him know their children remind them to change the smoke alarm batteries – because Judge said so.

Chief Laubach and Judge work for the Allentown Fire Department in eastern Pennsylvania. Since early 2011, Judge has attended over 400 community public education demonstrations. Chief Laubach believes they are the most rewarding part of being on an accelerant canine team and uses them as an avenue to get fire safety messages across to his community.

Chief Laubach believes these demonstrations have another benefit as a deterrent. The data supports this theory because since Judge was put in service, the city has had an almost 50 percent drop in arson fires.

Recently, the team was dispatched to assist with the investigation of a house fire and local media reported that Judge was deployed. After hearing about this, the juveniles who started the fire returned and confessed to setting it, telling the detective that they heard Judge was on scene and it was just a matter of time before they were caught.

Judge is a finalist in the American Humane Association’s 2015 Hero Dog Awards.

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