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Keeping Kids Safe from Fire

The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) reviews and collects resources for you to use in your public outreach activities to keep children safe from fire. Explore these materials to learn more about discussing fire safety with parents, teachers and other caregivers.

Digital media library

Here you’ll find social media content, pictographs, stock photos, videos and b-roll to increase awareness about fire safety for children.

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matches and lighters are not toys

Prevention and safety messages to share

Make an escape plan

It is important to have a plan when there are children in your home. Children sometimes need help getting out of the house. They may not know how to escape or what to do unless an adult shows them.

Keep children safe from fire and burns

Some children are curious about fire. There are simple steps you can take to keep you and the people you love safer from fire and burns.

Review our statistics on the fire risk to children

Activities for children

Let's Have Fun with Fire Safety

cover for this publication

This activity book gives young children valuable fire safety and prevention tips.

English and Spanish

Kids Firetruck Foldup Activity Sheet

Contains a fire safety word game and mazes that children can navigate to practice a home fire escape plan. The activity sheet folds into a firetruck. Recommended ages: 3-7.

Learn how to assemble the firetruck in this YouTube video.

Outreach materials

Door hangers

How to print after download

These hangers are easy to print and assemble on ready-made perforated door hanger templates that you can buy at your local or online office supply store. We recommend buying templates with the following specifications:

  • 90 lb. stock
  • 2-up on 8.5" x 11" sheet
  • 1.25" perforated hole (left in)
  • Microperforated between door hangers
  • Compatible with copiers, laser, inkjet and offset presses


  • Home fire safety tips for new parents (brochure)
    English | Spanish
  • Home fire safety tips for caregivers of babies and toddlers (brochure)
    English | Spanish



Order Up in Smoke outreach materials

Fire safety curriculum for preschoolers

Sesame Street Fire Safety Program

More than half of child fire deaths are among children age four or younger—making them an important audience for fire prevention and education. If you’ve ever visited a preschool classroom to discuss fire safety, or have met with older toddlers during community outreach activities, you know they can be a tough crowd to reach.

That’s why USFA collaborated with Sesame Workshop to create the Sesame Street Fire Safety Program for preschool kids.

Order and download Sesame Street materials

Fire Safety Trailer Curriculum

Adding a fire safety trailer can take your education program to a whole new level by providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that build upon what they learn in the classroom. This curriculum offers you an “out-of-the-box” way to use a fire safety trailer to teach students of all ages about fire safety.

Download the Fire Safety Trailer Curriculum PDF 8.5 MB

Fire Prevention and Public Education Exchange

The Exchange is a collection of national, state and local fire prevention and life safety practices and public education materials you can share with your community. The materials can inspire new ideas and offer fire safety advocates immediate access to proven, effective tools. Visit the Exchange for outreach materials that can help you teach children about fire safety.

Model Exchange programs to teach children about fire safety

USFA would like to call special attention to these innovative fire prevention programs that have measurable impact and outcome measures.

Outreach materials from other organizations

USFA recommends the following organizations as trusted and reliable sources for free outreach materials you can use to help increase awareness about fire safety for children in your community.

National Fire Protection Association. Community tool kits, education programs and teaching strategies to help communities keep kids safe from fire.
The National Fire Protection Association helps to reduce fire loss through consensus codes and standards, research, training and education.

Safe Kids Worldwide. Videos, safety tips and fact sheets help prevent injuries to children caused by fire, burns and scalds, and fireworks.
Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children.

Youth Firesetting Information Repository and Evaluation System (YFIRES). Resources for caregivers of youth involved in firesetting behavior.
YFIRES is a data collection project initiated by the International Association of Fire Fighters.

More fire safety resources for educators, parents and children