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The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) offers a series of free webinars to fire and life safety audiences as part of Fire is Everyone’s Fight™. Watch this page for information about our upcoming webinars.

There are no webinars scheduled at this time.

Previous webinars

Using Social Media to Benefit Your Public Safety Agency

Watch a recording of this June 8, 2016 webinar

What you will learn

Is your department using social media to its advantage?

As agencies are beginning to adapt social media as a tool to inform people, improve awareness, and plan ahead, agencies also need to be aware of how to use social media to their advantage. Agencies can make, promote and send out their own video, photo and written content. They can communicate directly with their communities as well as receive priority on news platforms who are seeking original content before, during or after an emergency.

This webinar, presented by Bill Delaney, will explore how Montgomery County (Maryland) Fire and Rescue is taking their social media and third party platforms to a new level in an effort to spread fire/injury prevention and emergency preparedness messages to local news and residents, as well as stories and important safety information.

About our presenter

Bill Delaney has over 33 years of experience in the fire service, and over the last 16 years has served as a civilian program manager with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue (MCFRS). He currently manages the MCFRS’s robust social media platforms and serves as part of the public information office staff. He is a nationally recognized speaker presenting at The Emergency Management Summit and the National Fire Protection Association. Mr. Delaney is a past chair of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Virtual Social Media Working Group.

Reaching Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Watch a recording of this March 23, 2016 webinar

What you will learn

Is your message reaching your intended audience?

Fire departments across the country have seen a slow, steady decline of fire deaths over the last decade. However, in most cases, safety messages are still not reaching those who need it most: people with limited education and finances.

This webinar explores the perceptions many have about these audiences and how to change behavior through effective messages. Our presenter, Andrea G. Vastis, will explain how to effectively reach people with limited education and finances and reveal the key components to encourage behavior change.

About our presenter

Andrea G. Vastis has over 20 years of health education and public health experience, having worked in employee wellness, as a public health promotion specialist for the Rhode Island Department of Health, and in teaching and preparing undergraduate community health educators at Rhode Island College. Andrea has spent her career promoting messages that encourage public safety, disease prevention and health promotion to audiences who are not easily accessible. She has drawn on her career’s work to develop this dynamic presentation.

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