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Fire-Safe Seniors Program

The Fire-Safe Seniors program helps you plan and implement fire safety interventions for the high-risk group of older adults. It can be used by organizations that serve seniors at the national, state or community level, such as fire departments, meal delivery programs, home companion groups, senior center associations, and many other groups.

The program, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and USFA, consists of these fire safety elements:

  1. Home assessments to determine the need for smoke alarms and identify any existing fire hazards in older adults’ homes.
  2. Smoke alarm installation to ensure participants’ homes are adequately equipped with working smoke alarms.
  3. Education to provide in-person fire safety messages and tips to older adults, their family members and caregivers.
  4. Follow-up to determine if alarms are still working; to assess any changes in the older adults’ fire safety knowledge, attitudes and behaviors; and to see if any fires have occurred.

Fire-Safe Seniors toolkit

A toolkit is available to help you implement the program. It contains:

Cover for the Fire Safe Seniors Program implementation guide



For more information about the “Fire-Safe Seniors” toolkit, please email FEMA-FireisEveryonesFight@fema.dhs.gov.