Holiday, candle and Christmas tree fire safety outreach materials

Help increase awareness about holiday fires in your community with these messages and free materials.

Holiday social media toolkit

Here you’ll find messages, graphics, stock photos and videos to help you increase community awareness about holiday fire safety.

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Outreach materials from the U.S. Fire Administration

Free handouts and posters


Holiday Fire Safety Infographic

Download the infographic PDF ~ 340 KB
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Holiday fire safety handout

Download the flyer and customize with your logo. PDF ~ 160 KB
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Safety hang tag

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Hang Tag Side 1  Christmas Tree Fire Safety Hang Tag Side 2

Tree retailers: Download and print our Christmas tree fire safety hang tag to remind your customers how to care for a live tree in their homes.
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Video clip: Dry tree versus high moisture tree fire

Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires each year. Typically, shorts in electrical lights or open flames from candles, lighters or matches start tree fires. Well-watered trees are not a problem. A dry and neglected tree can be.

This dramatic video demonstrates what happens when fire touches a dry tree and a properly maintained, well-watered tree. Please share this video on your website and social media networks.

Fire Prevention and Public Education Exchange

The Exchange serves as a centralized location for national, state and local fire prevention and life safety practices and public education materials that organizations may wish to share with other communities. Visit the Exchange for outreach materials on holiday, Christmas tree, and candle fires.

Outreach materials from other organizations

The U.S. Fire Administration recommends the following organizations as trusted and reliable sources for free outreach materials you can use to help prevent home fires in your community during the holiday season.

National Fire Protection Association
Holiday fire safety | Candle fire safety
The National Fire Protection Association helps to reduce fire loss through consensus codes and standards, research, training and education.

More information on holiday, candle and Christmas tree fire safety