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Pictograph: Make a home fire escape plan

Learn your building’s emergency evacuation plan. Make a home escape plan that includes it. Go to each room and the building exits and point to the way out. Practice the plan with everyone in your household.

The images below are displayed in the order in which they were tested for comprehension.

Escape plan map showing four apartments and escape routes.
Hand pushing the test button on smoke alarm with practice prompt.
Alarm sounding. Man and boy walking into hallway where a woman is pointing to the exit.
Man closing the door to the apartment. Green arrow showing the way to exit.
Man, boy and woman walking down stairs in an apartment building towards the exit.

To print the pictographs, download the series collection or the individual images using the links below:

Download images

Escape map showing the exits from floor or apartments. Family practicing escaping down the stairs.


Share the animation of this pictograph on your website and social media channels along with this message:

Test smoke alarms at least once a month using the test button.