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Pictograph: Teach your children how to escape on their own

Teach your children how to escape on their own in case you cannot help them. Teach them to feel the door before escaping. If the door feels warm, or if there is smoke on the other side, they should stay inside and call the fire department from the apartment. Teach them to signal for help at the window with a light-colored cloth or a flashlight.

The images below are displayed in the order in which they were tested for comprehension.

Woman showing boy the door with teach prompt.
Boy feels door. Flame symbol to show it is hot.
Boy calling 911 and telling them “Apartment 3B”.
Boy behind window with blanket to signal he is there. Firefighter in bucket truck outside window.

To print the pictographs, download the series collection or the individual images using the links below:

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Woman teaches boy to feel door. Door is hot. Boy calls 911. Firefighter in bucket outside window.