Status of legislation to ban or limit the sale of novelty and toylike lighters

Toylike or novelty lighters are responsible for injuries, deaths and accidents across the nation. Children in particular are attracted to novelty lighters because they look like toys or animals.

Some state governments are taking action by banning the sale of toylike and novelty lighters and limiting their distribution. In addition to state bans and restrictions, numerous local jurisdictions have passed ordinances.

If you live in a state that has not passed legislation to ban or limit the sale of novelty lighters, contact your State Fire Marshal's office to find out if your legislature is considering a bill.

Status of state legislation

Seventeen states have laws that ban the sale and/or distribution of novelty and toylike lighters; Wisconsin has pending legislation.

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  • Alabama - legislation has failed
  • Alaska - has no legislation
  • Arizona - legislation has failed
  • Arkansas - has passed legislation
  • California - legislation has failed
  • Colorado - has no legislation
  • Connecticut - legislation has failed
  • Delaware - has no legislation
  • Florida - legislation has failed
  • Georgia - legislation has failed
  • Hawaii - has passed legislation
  • Idaho - has no legislation
  • Illinois - has passed legislation
  • Indiana - legislation has failed
  • Iowa - has introduced a study
  • Kansas - legislation has failed
  • Kentucky - legislation has failed
  • Louisiana - has passed legislation
  • Maine - has passed legislation
  • Maryland - legislation has failed
  • Massachusetts - has passed legislation
  • Michigan - legislation has failed
  • Minnesota - has no legislation
  • Missouri - legislation has failed
  • Montana - has no legislation
  • Nebraska - has passed legislation
  • Nevada - has passed legislation
  • New Hampshire - has no legislation
  • New Jersey - has passed legislation
  • New Mexico - has no legislation
  • New York - has passed legislation
  • North Carolina - has passed legislation
  • North Dakota - has no legislation
  • Ohio - has no legislation
  • Oklahoma - legislation has failed
  • Oregon - has passed legislation
  • Pennsylvania - legislation has failed
  • Rhode Island - has no legislation
  • South Carolina - legislation has failed
  • South Dakota - has no legislation
  • Tennessee - has passed legislation
  • Texas - legislation has failed
  • Utah - has passed legislation
  • Vermont - legislation has failed
  • Virginia - has passed legislation
  • Washington - has passed legislation
  • Washington DC - has no legislation
  • West Virginia - legislation has failed
  • Wisconsin - legislation has failed
  • Wyoming - has no legislation

States with legislation to ban, limit sale of novelty lighters

StatePassed into lawDescriptionLegislation link
Arkansas2009Bans the sale and distribution of novelty lighters Read Arkansas' legislation PDF 27 KB
Hawaii2011Bans the sale of novelty lighters Read Hawaii's legislation PDF 56 KB
Illinois2010Bans the sale and distribution of novelty and toy lighters Read Illinois' legislation PDF 46 KB
Louisiana2009Prohibits the sale and distribution of certain novelty lighters Read Louisiana's legislation PDF 17 KB
Maine2008Prohibits the retail sale and distribution of novelty lighters
(first state to enact legislation)
Read Maine's legislation PDF 10 KB
Massachusetts2010Bans the manufacture, sale, giving away, storing or transport of novelty lightersRead Massachusetts' legislation
Mississippi2010Bans the sale and distribution of novelty lighters Read Mississippi's legislation PDF 80 KB
Nebraska2015Prohibits the sale of novelty lighters without child-proof safety features Read Nebraska's legislation PDF 52 KB
Nevada2009Prohibits the sale or distribution as a promotion of novelty lighters Read Nevada's legislation PDF 21 KB
New Jersey2009Prohibits the sale of novelty lighters Read New Jersey's legislation PDF 23 KB
New York2013Bans the manufacture, import, sale and distribution of novelty lightersRead New York's legislation
North Carolina2009Prohibits the retail sale and distribution of novelty lighters Read North Carolina's legislation PDF 19 KB
Oregon2009Bans the manufacture, sale and distribution of toylike (novelty) lightersRead Oregon's legislation
Tennessee2008Limits the sale and distribution of novelty lighters Read Tennessee's legislation PDF 110 KB
Utah2010Prohibits the sale, manufacture, distribution or possession of novelty lighters Read Utah's legislation PDF 84 KB
Virginia2009Prohibits the sale of novelty lighters to juveniles Read Virginia's legislation PDF 9 KB
Washington2009Prohibits the sale or distribution of certain novelty lighters Read Washington's legislation PDF 16 KB
Chronological List of States with Laws Banning the Sale and/or Distribution of Novelty and Toylike Lighters (July 2015) PDF 133 KB

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