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Workplace Fire Safety

screen shots from the workplace fire safety digital presentation

Learn about workplace fires with this easy to share digital presentation.

Contains safety tips to keep workers safe and businesses open.

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Prevent workplace fires! Share this content on Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels to increase awareness about workplace fire safety.

Sample social media posts

  1. Eliminate fire hazards at your workplace. Check for damaged electrical cords and cables. Don't overload outlets and power strips. #WorkplaceFireSafety
  2. #WorkplaceFireSafety: Never use the elevator if there is a fire. Walk, don't run, down the stairs.
  3. #WorkplaceFireSafety: Keep your workspace and equipment clean, dry and well ventilated.
power strip overloaded

You are welcome to download and use this photo (1200px x 600px) in your social posts to visually reinforce electrical fire safety messages for the workplace.

Use the cards below in your social posts or include supporting content with them to reinforce the messages.

See also: Fire escape plans / high-rise fire safety cards

Share this handout with your community

workplace fire safety handout

You can customize this handout with your department's logo!

Download the handout

For information on fire safety in a variety of workplaces, visit www.osha.gov.