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Fire Protection Technology

As a member of the fire service, it's important to be familiar with the latest products and technologies available for community fire protection and to consumers for residential use. Explore the topics below for free reports and training on fire protection systems and features.

Home fire sprinklers

The latest on sprinkler system costs, benefits and performance.

Smoke and fire alarms

Information on alarm technologies, performance and disposal.

Water supply systems

Learn how effective water supply systems enhance fire protection and prevent large loss fires.

More fire protection content

Using engineer and architect scales

Using and interpreting information from engineer (civil) and architect scales is an important fire protection engineering skill. Construction and fire protection equipment drawings must be interpreted with a high degree of accuracy.

Given an architect or engineer scale and a set of scaled drawings, this job aid will show you how to select the correct scale (tool) and interpret dimensions with 100% accuracy.

Using Engineer and Architect Scales

Learn about the role of the Insurance Services Office

If you hear 2 people talk about insurance, it's very likely that the insurance policies they are talking about were based on rating and underwriting information available from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). So what is the ISO?

This series of Coffee Break Training bulletins focuses on the role of the ISO in evaluating community fire protection efforts and building code effectiveness. The bulletins in the 19-part series cover:

  • Specific Commercial Property Evaluation Schedule (SCOPES).
  • Public Protection Classification (PPC™).
  • Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS®).
  • Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS).
  • Preparing for an ISO visit.

Coffee Break Training: Insurance Services Office

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