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Home fire sprinklers

Home fire sprinkler systems help to reduce the risk of civilian and firefighter fatalities and injuries, homeowner insurance premiums, and uninsured property losses. Yet—many homes aren’t equipped with automatic sprinkler systems often seen in hotels and businesses. Help members of your community understand the effectiveness and value of having a fire sprinkler system in their homes.

Costs and benefits

Learn about the actual costs to install a home fire sprinkler system, and how that investment can pay off with these analyses from the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST):


The USFA and the NIST conducted experiments to determine the effectiveness and performance of home fire sprinklers. Review these reports to understand:

Demonstration: impact of sprinklers on Christmas tree fires

As fire service officials across the nation are working to promote and advance home fire sprinklers, these videos can be an extremely useful tool in demonstrating the advantages of fire sprinkler systems.

Video without sprinklers installed
Video with sprinklers installed

Watch the videos from this demonstration

Download the demonstration report PDF 633 KB

Public education outreach materials

USFA creates, reviews and collects resources that can be used in public outreach activities to help keep communities safe from fire. Explore these free home fire sprinkler outreach materials.

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