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Coffee break Bulletin

NFA course brings community risk reduction to your fire station

Posted: Feb. 6, 2018

This Coffee Break Bulletin describes a National Fire Academy course designed for fire station based personnel who want to learn how to do community risk reduction.

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Are you a person in the fire service who has heard the term “community risk reduction,” and you’re not exactly sure what it is? The National Fire Academy (NFA) has a new six-day course designed to improve the skills of Company Officers (COs), so they can lead and conduct risk reduction at the station level.

The course is not just for COs. If you are a chief officer, firefighter or part of the administrative staff, and you want to learn more about community risk reduction (CRR) to support the CO in station based delivery, this course is for you. And as an added bonus, college credit is available.

About the course

In “Station Based Risk Reduction,” you will learn how your fire station can plan, implement and evaluate risk-reduction activities in order to benefit the citizens you serve. You will find out how reducing your community’s risk also reduces risk to your fellow firefighters.

What this course will teach you

This course can give you the knowledge and practical skills needed to be able to:

  • Lead strategic community risk reduction at the station level.
  • Develop strategies to build organizational and community equity for CRR.
  • Conduct a risk assessment at the station level.
  • Develop tactics to address an identified risk.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Measure the success of an action plan.

There is a pre-course assignment for this course that will help you learn about the demographics and risks in your service area.

I learned how important proper data and report entry is, but most of all, I learned I can be taken out of my comfort zone. I learned new tools to use to better serve my community.

NFA student, Station Based Risk Reduction

Action step to learn how to do CRR

Apply for an on-campus offering of “Station Based Risk Reduction” in Emmitsburg, Maryland during the next open NFA application period, April 15 – June 15. The course is also taught at off-campus locations.

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