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Coffee Break Bulletins for fire and EMS personnel

These short bulletins provide information on training and educational topics to assist the fire and emergency services with professional development.

Fire and emergency medical services personnel with busy daily schedules often don't have time to attend valuable skill-enhancing training sessions, so the U.S. Fire Administration provides Coffee Break Bulletins for you to read and enjoy during your daily break.

photo two firefighters carrying gear and talking

Situational awareness basics — look and listen (Part 2: mental environment)

  • Health & Safety

Learn how to increase psychological situational awareness for your own and your crew's well-being.

wildland firefighter observing an incident scene

Situational awareness basics — look and listen (Part 1: physical environment)

  • Health & Safety

Firefighters: learn how to identify your own situational awareness deficiencies and open up to a broader view at the scene and around the station.

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community members meeting about wildfire projects
temporary standpipe
firefighters on hose line
binary data with a question mark
fire sprinkler system
table made up of puzzle pieces
helicopter dropping water on a fire