Incident Management Team professional development and training

All-Hazard Incident Management Teams (AHIMT) play an essential role in the management of, and response to, local/regional/national emergencies, natural disasters and public events. The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) provides professional development support to help AHIMT members obtain the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively as a team under stressful, dynamic conditions.

Type 3 All-Hazard IMT Technical Assistance Program

Program point of contact:
Jeff Soulé

USFA’s Type 3 All-Hazard IMT (AHIMT) Technical Assistance Program helps develop Type 3 AHIMTs across the country through classroom and field training. The “All-Hazard” designation implies that the team consists of members from across the Emergency Services Sector. This cross-discipline team lends more expertise to emergency incidents such as natural and man-made disasters and terrorist events.

An important part of the Type 3 AHIMT Technical Assistance Program is team development. This is where the members of an AHIMT work as a team, and learn the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a learning environment under stressful, dynamic conditions. Team decision-making is a critical aspect of effective AHIMTs, and this skill must be developed by the team as a whole in an exercise/activity environment so that it can be applied appropriately during an emergency.

There are two components to the Type 3 All-Hazard IMT Technical Assistance Program: the Type 3 AHIMT training course and the Type 3 AHIMT Mentor Program.

Type 3 AHIMT training course (O-305)

The overall goal of the Type 3 AHIMT course is to develop state, regional and tribal AHIMTs to function under the National Incident Management System during a large and/or complex incident or a major event. This course is designed for those who are assigned to function in a Type 3 AHIMT during a large/complex incident, typically extending into multiple operational periods.

The Type 3 AHIMT Host Guide PDF 478 KB provides instructions to host agencies on how to set up the Type 3 AHIMT course. It describes the facilities, equipment and material necessary to conduct the course properly.

Type 3 AHIMT Mentor Program

The Mentor Program is an essential part of the U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA) All-Hazards Incident Management Team Technical Assistance Program. Under the program, Type 3 All-Hazard Incident Management Team (AHIMT) members:

Learn how your Type 3 AHIMT can participate in the Mentor Program.

Other AHIMT professional development opportunities

ICS training courses

All responders serving in a command or general staff position must complete ICS-100-/200-/300-/400-level training and the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) independent study courses National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction (IS-700.A) and National Response Framework, An Introduction (IS-800.C).

ICS position-specific professional development

Delivery of ICS position-specific courses is coordinated by EMI. For more information, please contact Bob Patrick, EMI Program Manager, at 301-447-1297.

For more information on Type 3 AHIMTs

To learn more about the USFA’s Type 3 AHIMT Technical Assistance Program and other training opportunities, please contact Jeff Soulé at 301-447-1304.