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Training, Resources and Data Exchange

The Training Resources and Data Exchange (TRADE) activity is a regionally-based network designed to foster the exchange of fire-related training information and resources. TRADE was created in 1984 to address the difficulties that state and local fire training systems were experiencing in disseminating quality-training programs effectively.

The objectives of TRADE are to:

The TRADE network consists of the directors of the 50 State Fire Service Training Agencies and senior executive training officers from the nation's largest fire departments. The essential components of the TRADE system are 10 regional networks that provide a mechanism for the exchange of resources and materials. Regional TRADE co-chairs, one selected from a State Fire Training Agency and the other from a metropolitan fire department, serve as the points of contact for networking activities.

For more information, contact Ken Farmer at 800-238-3358, ext. 1871, or email the TRADE Network.