Bids and awards: what contract instructors need to know

Congratulations on becoming a National Fire Academy (NFA) contract instructor. The information on this page explains the bid and award process to teach NFA courses. A successful bid depends on your understanding of this information. If you have any questions, please email us at Good luck!

How do I submit a bid and check for award?

This online tutorial will show you how to submit a bid to teach an NFA course and how to find out if your bid was successful.


To begin, look at your dashboard to see if a bidding period is open and if there are any course offerings for which you are eligible to bid.

If a bidding period is open with eligible courses for you to teach, you will see this link: Course Offerings I Can Bid On.

Selecting this link will return on- and off-campus course offerings for which you are eligible to bid, along with other important offering information.

To create a bid, click on “Bid Now.”

You will first be asked to confirm that the information in your profile is correct.

If it is, click “Next” at the bottom to go to the bid screen.

If something in your profile needs to be updated, simply change the outdated information on this screen and click “Next.” Your profile will automatically update with the new information.

At the top of the bid screen, under Course Information, verify that the name, location, offering dates and role for the course you are about to bid on are correct.

Next, indicate if you will require housing at the National Emergency Training Center.

Under Participation, enter the dates you will be teaching (if they differ from the offering dates).

Next, enter your bid. This should be your total fee, including per diem, travel costs and miscellaneous expenses.

Should you wish to provide additional information for NFA to review, enter it under Comments.

To place your bid, click “Submit Bid.” An email receipt for your bid will be sent to you.

The bid will now display on your dashboard under Live Bids.

Editing or Withdrawing a Bid

To withdraw or edit your bid, click on the dollar amount and select either “Withdraw” or “Edit.” An email receipt will be sent to you.

Check the awards

At the end of the bidding period, NFA will award courses to instructors based on best value to the government.

To see if you have been awarded a course, look under My Bid History.

If NFA has not yet awarded the course offering you bid on, Pending will display under Awarded to You.

If NFA awards the offering to you, the course offering will appear green, and Yes will display under Awarded to You.

If NFA does not award the offering to you, No will display under Awarded to You.

For information regarding courses you bid on, click “Review Your Bid and Award History.” Select the “Details” link for a listing of all instructors who bid on, and were awarded, the offering.

If you experience problems, please contact or call 301-447-1411.

What are the bid schedule deadlines?

Instructors may place bids only during open bidding periods. Bids are due quarterly as shown below.

Open bidding periodFor courses held in the months ofApproximate date instructional awards posted
June 1 through July 1October, November, DecemberAugust 1
September 1 through October 1January, February, MarchNovember 1
December 1 through January 1April, May, JuneFebruary 1
March 1 through April 1July, August, SeptemberMay 1

If your bid/quotation is found to be of best value to the government, a purchase order will be issued 30 to 45 days in advance of the course start date.

For additional assistance, please email

What does “best value to the government” mean?

When making a contract award based on “best value to the government,” the government reserves the right to award course offerings based on considerations other than the lowest priced quotation. Thebest value to the Government for NFA instructional delivery contract awards includes consideration of:

Can I combine my bids?

The NFA no longer accepts combination bids.

Is my bid confidential?

Yes, all bids are confidential, and only the winning bid is made public when the awards are published online.

Who reviews and evaluates my bid?

NFA micropurchasing staff review and evaluate all instructor bids.

Who are the successful bidders?

You can search for successful bidders at