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Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education model course outlines

There is now a robust national model curriculum of fire-related and EMS management courses for colleges and universities to adopt as their own.

Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) leaders have produced, through consensus, a standardized undergraduate curriculum that is national in scope, content and outcomes. This represents a major paradigm shift from a fragmented system of education to one that is unified and integrated.

All the courses share student learning outcomes, catalog descriptions, outlines and text recommendations that provide a national core of knowledge and competencies. These course outlines share common content through FESHE’s partnership with textbook publishers who write textbooks and faculty supplements that support them.

This curriculum linkage represents a milestone in fire and emergency services education. It provides for a seamless articulation of coursework between institutions and between associate and bachelor’s programs.

With the availability of the model curricula, many FESHE programs across the country are adopting (all or in part):