National Professional Development Summit Panel discussions

International Code Council and National Fire Protection Association code development process

You have a voice in code development. This discussion will provide you with information on how to effectively use that voice in affecting code development and change.

Facilitator: Kevin Brame, Training Specialist, National Fire Academy

Rob Neale

Rob Neale
Vice President for National Fire Service Activities
International Code Council

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Gregory Cade
Director, Government Affairs
National Fire Protection Association

Accreditation, certification and credentialing

Do you know the difference between accreditation, certification, credentialing and articulation? Do you know which is important to your agency or students? The purpose for this discussion is to impart understanding of how these bodies may be a benefit to your organization and how to access them.

Facilitator: Barbara Klingensmith, FESHE Emeritus

Jill Conaghan

Jillian Conaghan
Accreditation Coordinator
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress

Adam Thiel

Adam Thiel
Fire Commissioner
Philadelphia Fire Department


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Fred Piechota
Accreditation Manager
Pro Board

Mark Rivero

Mark Rivero
FESHE Emeritus

Moving media relations and community risk reduction into the future

Attendees will be introduced to reputation management and the effective use of public media in collaboration with community risk-reduction programs. The court of public opinion greatly influences the impact and outcome of any preplanning, as well as response and recovery planning and execution. Building a strong public image and effective use of media will support public safety efforts.

Facilitator: Tom Olshanski, External Affairs Officer, U.S. Fire Administration

Michael McLeieer

Michael McLeieer
Director of Community Risk Reduction/Public Information Officer
Olivet (Michigan) Fire Department

Lowell Briggs

Lowell Briggs
Assistant Professor
York College of Pennsylvania