Register for the National Professional Development Summit V

Register to attend

Download and complete FEMA Form 119-25-2, General Admissions Short Form Application PDF 234 KB to attend the National Professional Development Summit (R0178, June 13-16) and/or the National Professional Development Leadership Workshop (R0703, June 12). (R0703 is a business workday for the TRADE co-chairs, Professional Development Initiative/FESHE workgroups, and PARADE membership representatives.)

If you are attending R0178 and R0703, you need to submit a separate application for each.

There are no stipends or reimbursement funds for the summit.

Helpful links: Get a Student Identification Number | Email the NETC Admissions Office

Important information about the National Emergency Training Center (NETC)

Identification requirement to access the NETC campus

Airport shuttle

Information about shuttle schedules from Baltimore Washington International Airport is provided in your summit acceptance letter. Please don’t make travel arrangements prior to receiving this letter.

Meal tickets

Purchase your meal ticket within two weeks prior to your arrival at the NETC. Base your meal ticket dates on the travel dates listed in your summit acceptance letter. If you have a question about your meal ticket, please call 301-447-1551.

Meal ticket prices

R0703: $25.51
R0178: $134.85
R0703 and R0178: $160.35

Buy your meal ticket

Mark your calendars

The dates for next year’s National Professional Development Summit are June 12-15, 2019.