Explore the websites below for tools and other information you can use to assess your community’s wildfire risk and ability to promote local solutions for wildfire safety. Also included is information you can share with homeowners to help them assess their wildfire risk.

Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) Self-Assessment Tool

This tool, developed by the FAC Learning Network with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, is designed to help communities assess their level of fire adaptation and capacity to live safely with fire over time. Communities can use it to:

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Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety

Tools for homeowners and businesses to assess property risk in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), including retrofit guides, checklists and cost estimators.

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Insurance Services Office

Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO®), a Verisk business, uses a grading classification system to measure fire protection resources. ISO also offers FireLine®, which provides property-specific hazard scores derived from an objective assessment of an exposure’s propensity to burn in the event of a wildfire based on the most current assessment of vegetative fuels, slope and road access.

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International Code Council’s Disaster Response Network

The International Code Council provides building safety professionals with volunteer opportunities through the Disaster Response Network to help communities recover from disasters. Recovery services include building damage assessments, building inspections, and other code-related functions in your community.

Visit iccsafe.org to learn how your community can request the services of these building safety professionals.

Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessment

The West Region Wildfire Council works with the local fire protection districts to conduct parcel level Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessments for all identified homes within the WUI of the given fire district’s boundaries. These assessments are quick, curb-side evaluations of each home and surrounding area.

Wildfire risk assessment portals

Wildfire continues to threaten people and property across the U.S. Rapid population growth into Wildland Urban Interface areas and increasing effects of long term drought and increased fuel loading conditions represent major concerns moving forward into the future. Heightened awareness of wildfire threat, prevention and mitigation are becoming increasingly important to ensure safety. These mapping tools help determine the potential wildfire intensity within the general vicinity of the locations below.

Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide

This guide from the International Association of Fire Chiefs provides tips and tools residents need to prepare for a wildland fire threat, to have situational awareness when a fire starts, and to act early as directed by local officials.

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Wildfire Home Assessment and Checklist

This checklist helps homeowners determine how vulnerable their home and its surroundings are to fire damage. A cost estimator helps the homeowner prioritize which improvements can be made now and which ones should be part of their home improvement budget.

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Your Role in Fire Adapted Communities

This guide identifies ways the fire service, local officials and the public can work together for wildland fire safety.

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