Explore these training resources to help your fire department and community prepare for, and respond to, Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fires.

Coffee Break Training: Fire-Adapted Communities

This series of one-page training bulletins focuses on the roles communities and individuals play in preventing wildfire in the WUI. The bulletins in the 13-part series cover:

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Firewise USA Program

This National Fire Protection Association program offers conferences, online courses and workshops on several WUI topics, including home ignition zone, landscaping and firefighter safety.

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National Fire Academy

The National Fire Academy offers over 20 courses in its WUI curriculum. Training topics include command and control of WUI operations, wildland fire behavior, firefighting tactics, and fire-adapted communities.

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National Wildland Fire Training

Course descriptions and schedules for wildland fire training courses sponsored by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. Choose courses from topic areas such as aviation, fire investigation, Incident Command System, prescribed fire, prevention and suppression skills.

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Training Trigger: Wildland Firefighting / Urban Interface

Fire departments not traditionally responsible for wildland firefighting are increasingly responding to calls for assistance at wildland incidents. Urban fire departments need to become better educated and trained to perform safely and effectively in these environments.

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Wildland Fire Assessment Program

This program, developed by the National Volunteer Fire Council with funding from the U. S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, provides volunteer firefighters and non-operational personnel, such as Fire Corps members, with training on how to properly conduct assessments for homes located in the WUI. It prepares volunteers to evaluate a home and provide residents with recommendations to protect their property from wildfires in order to become a more fire-adapted community.

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Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center

Wildland fire education programs, TED-Ed videos detailing lessons learned, and a searchable database of incident reviews containing recommendations.

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Wildland training for structural firefighters

The “Skills Crosswalk: Wildland Training for Structural Firefighters” identifies critical wildland firefighting skills not addressed in structural firefighting courses. Structural firefighters need these skills to be safe and effective in an initial attack on a wildland fire in their jurisdiction or when working with state and federal wildland firefighters.

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Training videos

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Firefighter Safety in the Wildland Urban Interface 20:22

This video looks at lessons learned from wildland fire incidents where firefighters’ lives were put at risk, as well as Lookouts – Communications – Escape Routes – Safety Zones (LCES), crew cohesion, the 10 standard fire orders, and the 18 situations that should not be overlooked when fighting a wildland fire.

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Understanding Fire Behavior in the Wildland Urban Interface 20:51

This video for firefighters discusses operational aspects and the fire science behind the ignition of structures in a wildfire.