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U.S. Fire Administration

car accident

Participate in Crash Responder Safety Week Nov. 8-14

The goal of Crash Responder Safety Week is to reach out to every emergency responder, every driver and every passenger to educate them on how to play their part in ensuring safe responses at roadway incidents.

50 responders so far this year have been killed when struck by a vehicle while responding to a roadway incident, according to the Emergency Responder Safety Institute.
lavender ribbon overlaid on a Maltese cross

Updated: 11 best practices for preventing firefighter cancer

The updated Lavender Ribbon Report is designed to help firefighters protect themselves from carcinogen exposure and reinforce actions that lessen exposure risks.

Due to the occupational hazards they face, firefighters have higher rates of many types of cancer than the general population.

Halloween decorations

Halloween fire statistics

Learn about the characteristics of Halloween fires and get fire safety graphics to share on social media.

For each year from 2017 to 2019, an estimated average of 9,200 fires were reported to fire departments in the United States over a 3-day period around Halloween. These fires caused an estimated annual average of 25 deaths, 100 injuries and $117 million in property loss.

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Current Issues and Events

child sleeping with mother in background

High-frequency tone smoke alarms are not effective in waking sleeping pre-teenage children

When caregivers create their home fire escape plans, they need to consider this and make sure someone is assigned to wake pre-teen children

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firefighter talking on a radio in a smokey environment

Accurate and reliable responder location-tracking scheduled to be released early next year

Using low frequency magnetic fields, POINTER will provide the ability to locate responders quickly and precisely at challenging incident scenes.

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Fire Prevention Week

firefighter pushing a smoke alarm test button while an older adult listens

Learn the sounds of fire safety™

Educate your community about the different sounds smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make and actions to take if an alarm sounds.

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man sitting on floor and staring

Suicide prevention and awareness resources

Discover resources to help you build awareness around the very real and concerning problem of suicide among emergency responders. Learn how to help a colleague who may be struggling.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti holds a vile of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination while LAFD firefighters receive the vaccine at Station 4 on Dec. 28.

COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates for EMS agencies

New vaccine and testing mandates for EMS workers from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will go into effect in the coming months.

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firefighting with foam

Legislation impacting firefighting foam continues to evolve

As legislation restricting use of firefighting foams containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) increases, a recent report finds that fluorine-free foam is not currently a “drop-in” alternative to aqueous film forming foam (AFFF).

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FIEF logo

There are dozens of ways you can use Fire Is Everyone's Fight to help teach people in your city or town to be safe from fire. Join the fight for a few ideas to get you started.

On-duty firefighter fatalities (2021)

Explore firefighter fatality statistics

Home fire deaths (2021)

Up 10% compared to deaths reported from Jan. 1 – Oct. 16, 2020.

29 home fire deaths were reported by the U.S. news media for Oct. 10‑16.

Older adults (65 and over) represent 24% of all deaths.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in reported deaths with 113.

Explore home fire deaths reported by the news media

Share this video to learn how to prevent exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These substances are linked to cancer and may be present in firefighting foam.