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Let the U.S. Fire Administration help you with your mission to keep your community safe from fires and other emergencies.

New content for fire and EMS

Photo of firefighters using C-THRU technology

Will C-THRU help firefighters navigate smoky indoor environments?

Learn about C-THRU technology, an augmented reality tool that uses raw, thermal images within the firefighter's visual frame to create a visual overlay of the edges of all objects within the field of view.

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Photo of firefighter gear storage

New standard for firefighter personal protective equipment

The new standard is focused on increasing contamination resistance and cleanability of gear.

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Photo of Margo Robbins

Understanding the Importance of Cultural Burning

Dr. Moore-Merrell and Margo Robbins discuss how the Cultural Fire Management Council facilitate the practice of cultural burning on the Yurok reservation and ancestral lands to maintain a healthier ecosystem.

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Photo of portable radios

The transition to advanced encryption standard

Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications released an overview of actions and next steps to support public safety agencies in their transition to AES.

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Photo of a person struggling with mental health

Integrating 911 and 988 services with innovative crisis response systems

Learn how 5 counties in 5 different states have implemented innovative crisis response systems involving 911/988 integration. Understand the progress, challenges and lessons learned from 911/988 interoperability across various models, including embedded clinicians, call transfer and co-located response.

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Photo of a strip mall

Minimize firefighting risks at strip mall fires

New bulletin from NIOSH outlines considerations for developing the correct strategy and an effective incident action plan for strip mall fires.

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