2017 National Arson Awareness Week May 7–13

This year’s theme is “Arson Prevention at Houses of Worship.”

We’re sharing information and materials that will help community leaders successfully address three key arson prevention factors: external security, internal security, and community awareness.

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firefighter gear
Current events and issues

Flame-retardant contamination of PPE a potential health risk

A recent study shows that polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardant chemicals can be present in unused firefighter personal protective gear, and that levels of PBDE contamination are much higher in fire-worn gear. PBDEs are considered possible carcinogens, as well as causing other adverse health effects.

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Current events and issues

Mapping fires and American Red Cross aid using demographic data

A recent study of house fires in Los Angeles County found that fires were more frequent in vulnerable areas, suggesting that vulnerability indicators like age, race and wealth, are useful in identifying fire risk patterns.

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May 6 is Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

Visit the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day website to learn more about things your community can do to prepare for wildfire.

Is your community prepared for a wildfire?

Take action to prepare with the help of these free outreach materials from the U.S. Fire Administration.

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National Fire Academy updates

Train with the best to be the best: NFA application period is open Apply for free training by June 15

Featured course:
Fire Investigation: Electrical Systems R0255

Fire investigators: Learn skills essential to the investigaton of fires involving potential electrical fire causes. This course will teach you about techniques, practices, protocols and standards that will help you to evaluate the role of electrical systems and associated components in a fire.

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Upcoming offerings: Aug. 6-11 vacancies, Nov. 26 – Dec. 1, March 11-16

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On-duty firefighter fatalities (2017)

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Home fire fatalities (2017)

Down 8 percent compared to fatalities reported from Jan. 1 – April 22, 2016.

23 home fire fatalities were reported by the U.S. news media for April 16-22.

Older adults (65 and over) represent 31 percent of all fatalities.

New York leads the nation in reported fatalities with 50.

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Share this video with your community to show residents how to increase the chance of surviving a home fire by more than 82 percent and decreasing fire damage by up to 97 percent.