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U.S. Fire Administration


EMS Week: May 15‑21

Explore our training, health and safety, and outreach resources to help keep emergency medical services (EMS) personnel and their patients safe and to prepare fire departments for special EMS operations.

We thank all EMS providers for their selfless dedication, as well as the families who support them during these most challenging times.

NFA students conducting experiments in the Burn Lab

Accelerate your professional development as a fire investigator

The National Fire Academy's (NFA) fire investigation curriculum provides students with training that features cutting-edge technology, up-to-date legal information and proven teaching techniques from professional trainers with experience in the field.

In addition to classroom instruction, there are 2 facilities at the NFA that provide important hands-on training: a burn cell area and the Burn Lab.

The USFA Podcast

A conversation with the NFA superintendent

This episode of The USFA Podcast features Superintendent Eriks Gabliks discussing diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and getting National Fire Academy training closer to fire/EMS stakeholders.

Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell also provides an update on new initiatives at the USFA.

smoke story cover image

Know the dangers of smoke

Share our outreach resources with your community to help residents be aware of the smoke dangers in a home fire and know what to do if they have a fire.

  • Visit us on:

#BeKnowDo #DangersOfSmoke

smoke story cover image

Know the dangers of smoke

Share our outreach resources with your community to help residents be aware of the smoke dangers in a home fire and know what to do if they have a fire.

Presentation Handout Social media

  • Visit us on:
  • #BeKnowDo #DangersOfSmoke

National Fire Academy students

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June 11‑12, 2022Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Conference
June 15, 2022First semester application period closes
Oct. 15, 2022Second semester application period opens
Dec. 15, 2022Second semester application period closes

National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) help for users and vendors:

NEW NFIRSGram: How to code an electric or hybrid vehicle fire

Ask an NFIRS question online NFIRS resources

New content for fire and EMS


e-bike charging

Guidance on responding to lithium-ion battery fires in mobility devices

As e-bikes and electric scooters become more prevalent, so do fire risks. Firefighters: get best practice tips for dealing with these fires.

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person caulking a gap in a window

How homeowners and communities can protect themselves from wildfires

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a first-of-its-kind holistic home and community wildfire protection methodology.

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photo of a blurred ambulance

Should the use of lights and sirens used in EMS responses be reduced?

The National Association of EMS Physicians and 13 other emergency medical services- (EMS-) affiliated national agencies say, “Yes.”

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Wildfire Report Series

destroyed home after a wildfire

Analysis reveals 6 selected wildfires not thoroughly reported in NFIRS

A new report compares the publicly reported loss metrics from media and government sources for 6 named wildfires with the data reported by local fire departments to the NFIRS.

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firetruck on a busy highway

Protect emergency responders on roadways

Help reduce tragic struck-by incidents by sharing these new public service announcements with your community.

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There are dozens of ways you can use Fire Is Everyone's Fight to help teach people in your city or town to be safe from fire. Join the fight for a few ideas to get you started.

On-duty firefighter fatalities (2022)

Explore firefighter fatality statistics

Home fire deaths (2022)

Down 3% compared to deaths reported from Jan. 1 to May 7, 2021.

34 home fire deaths were reported by the U.S. news media for May 1‑7.

Older adults (65 and over) represent 24% of all deaths.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in reported deaths with 77.

Explore home fire deaths reported by the news media

Share this video to learn how to prevent exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These substances are linked to cancer and may be present in firefighting foam.