Firefighter fatalities in the United States

This report analyzes the circumstances surrounding 91 on-duty fatalities in 2014 to identify approaches that could reduce the number of firefighter deaths in future years.

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college students moving into a dorm

Campus fire fatalities (2000-2015)

Fact: Smoke alarms were either missing or tampered with (disconnected or battery removed) in 58 percent of fatal campus fires.

Fire safety officials: this report highlights factors leading to the fire deaths of college students that can help you plan your fire injury prevention program.

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Playground fires

Fact: More than half (54 percent) of playground fires involved rubbish or trash — whether or not contained in a trash can or dumpster.

This data snapshot presents the characteristics of playground fires for the period 2011-2013.

View the data snapshot.

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Firefighter fatalities

USFA has recently received notice of the following firefighter fatalities:

Terry “TC” Culver, Assistant Fire Chief
Calvert City Fire Department, Calvert City, Kentucky
Walter Szelag, Captain
City of Detroit Fire Department, Detroit, Michigan
Vince Smith, Sergeant
City of Detroit Fire Department, Detroit, Michigan

75 on-duty fatalities reported in 2015.

91 on-duty fatalities reported in 2014.

Civilian fatalities

usa map


home fire fatalities reported in 2015.

62 home fire fatalities were reported by the U.S. news media for Nov. 22-28.


compared to fatalities reported from Jan. 1 - Nov. 28, 2014.

Older adults (65 and over) represent 29 percent of all fatalities.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in reported fatalities with 122.

Share this video with your community to show residents how to increase the chance of surviving a home fire by more than 82 percent and decreasing fire damage by up to 97 percent.