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U.S. Fire Administration

2 EMTs standing in front of an ambulance

EMS Week: May 16-22

Explore our training, health and safety, and outreach resources to help keep EMS personnel and their patients safe and to prepare fire departments for special EMS operations.

We thank all EMS providers for their selfless dedication, as well as the families who support them during these most challenging times.
firefighter preparing to attach a home chimney fire

Profile: residential building fires

Home fires account for the vast majority of civilian fire casualties. This report describes the characteristics of all residential building fires reported to the National Fire Incident Reporting System for 2017‑2019.

These fires resulted in an annual average of 2,770 deaths, 11,650 injuries and $8.1 billion in property loss.
firefighter holding a radio with a padlock overlaid on the image

Advice for public safety officials on LMR encryption

A new 3-minute video from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency offers insights and advice for agencies considering land mobile radio (LMR) encryption.

The video answers questions about implementation, practical applications and impact on interoperability.
WUI fire

Share our home fire sprinkler outreach materials

Sprinkler outreach materials

  • Visit us on:
  • #SprinklersSaveLives

Home Fire Sprinkler Week: May 16‑22

WUI fire

Share our home fire sprinkler outreach materials

Sprinkler outreach materials

  • Visit us on:
  • #SprinklersSaveLives

Home Fire Sprinkler Week: May 16‑22

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National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) help for users and vendors:

New content for fire and EMS


newer and older buildings in a city

May Is Building Safety Month

This May is the 41st annual Building Safety Month, a time to recognize the importance of strengthening, repairing and modernizing our buildings and infrastructure.

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rehab officer on the scene of a helicopter crash

Firefighter Safety Stand Down will focus on rehab

The 2021 Firefighter Safety Stand Down will take place June 20‑26. This year's theme is “Rebuild Rehab.”

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Topical Fire Report

rescue workers helping a stranded kayaker off a boat

Fire department run profile report

Fire departments provide invaluable services to communities nationwide. To understand the full role they play in a community, this topical report profiles fire department run activity as reflected in the NFIRS data.

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fire engine at a traffic incident

GAO releases report on Move Over laws and responder safety

A U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report to Congress presents findings on issues related to state Move Over laws and emergency responder roadside safety.

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N95 respirator

Time to transition from decontaminated disposable respirators

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends a transition away from crisis capacity conservation strategies implemented during COVID-19, including decontamination of disposable respirators for reuse.

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There are dozens of ways you can use Fire Is Everyone’s Fight to help teach people in your city or town to be safe from fire. Join the fight for a few ideas to get you started.

On-duty firefighter fatalities (2021)

Explore firefighter fatality statistics

Home fire deaths (2021)

Up 13% compared to deaths reported from Jan. 1 – May 8, 2020.

48 home fire deaths were reported by the U.S. news media for May 2‑8.

Older adults (65 and over) represent 25% of all deaths.

Pennsylvania leads the nation in reported deaths with 66.

Explore home fire deaths reported by the news media

Share this video to learn how to prevent exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These substances are linked to cancer and may be present in firefighting foam.