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Arson and Youth Firesetting

Arson robs communities of its valuable assets, lives and property. It destroys more than buildings; arson can devastate a community resulting in decline through increased insurance premiums, loss of business revenue and a decrease in property values.

The fire service can help communities reduce the occurrence of arson and reduce its devastating effect by making residents aware of measures to safeguard their homes, buildings and property.

Protect homes

Make homeowners and property owners aware of measures they can take to safeguard their homes and property.

Construction sites

Actions that first responders, inspectors, contractors and community members can take to protect construction sites from arson.

Houses of worship

Steps that congregation members can take to keep their church, mosque, synagogue, temple or chapel safe from arson.

Vacant buildings

Review this page for actions communities can take to reduce arson in vacant and abandoned buildings and associated firefighter injuries.

Youth firesetting

Resources for fire departments and messages to share with parents and caregivers to prevent children from experimenting with fire.

Homeless communities

Get information on arson as it relates to our nation's homeless population. Webinar presenters offer a community risk reduction approach to address fire and life safety in this quickly growing risk area. Watch the webinar