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Preventing Arson at Construction Sites

Everyone can help prevent arson at construction sites, but awareness is key.

Did you know:

Buildings under construction or renovation are vulnerable to arson. Accumulation of waste, ordinary combustibles, limited access, minimal water supplies and hazardous operations increase the challenge.

Review this guidance for first responders, inspectors, contractors and community members to prevent arson at construction sites.

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First responders and inspectors

If there has been negative press about the project, remind workers to be vigilant on the job site.
Make unannounced inspections to assess the project, activities and the job site.
Perform site planning and preplanning throughout the building process.
Invite surrounding fire departments/companies to assist in the pre-fire plan.
Take photos of anything you believe is a potential hazard and inform the job site manager.


Store solvents, fuels and tools in a locked storage container or remove them from the job site when you are not using them.
Request additional patrols or drive-bys from your local law enforcement.
Remove trash and debris from the job site.
Try not to store excess materials on the job site.
Secure doors and windows on structures when crews are not actively working on the property.

Community members

Awareness is essential. Become familiar with activities in your neighborhood and report odd or suspicious activities to your local law enforcement.


Preventing Arson at Construction Sites... What You Can Do

For first responders/inspectors

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Prevent Preventing Arson at Construction Sites

For contractors/community members

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