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Youth Firesetting

Children are often curious about fire. While curiosity is normal, there are things you can inform parents and caregivers about to prevent children from experimenting with fire.

Did you know:

Youth firesetting motives may result from several factors, including curiosity, experimentation, a cry for help, thrill-seeking, willful intent to cause destruction, and mental or emotional disorders.

If you feel that your child is at a higher risk of experimenting with fire, contact your local fire department for help teaching your child about fire safety.

Messages to share with parents and caregivers

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Teach children

Teach children that fire is dangerous. Only adults should use matches and lighters.
Teach children that fire is dangerous. Even small fires can spread very quickly.
Teach children that fire is dangerous. Fire is a tool, not a toy, and must only be used by adults.

Make your home safer

Make your home safer by inspecting it for fire hazards.
Make your home safer by keeping lighters and matches away from children.
Make your home safer by supervising children.
Make your home safer by having working smoke alarms on every level and inside and outside all sleeping areas.
Make your home safer by planning and practicing your home fire escape plan.

Social media graphics and stock photos

social media card: teach young children that matchs and lighters are tools, not toys


Pictographs can help overcome literacy barriers by communicating messages with pictures. Our pictographs will help you to communicate fire safety messages to high-risk populations.

father putting a candle and matches out of reach from his son
candles, matches and a lighter in a locked cabinet
boy standing next to a candle


Prevent Youth Firesetting

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