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Protect Homes From Arson

Arson destroys more than homes; it can devastate a neighborhood resulting in decline through increased insurance premiums and a decrease in property values.

Did you know:

The fatality rate for intentionally set residential fires is more than twice that of other residential building fires.

Source: Protecting Homes Against Arson PDF

The fire service can help communities reduce the occurrence of arson and reduce its devastating effect by making residents aware of measures to safeguard their homes.

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Illuminate exterior and entrances

Install lights on all sides of the house.
Place motion-activated lighting near the entrances.
Put timers on interior lights to give the illusion the home is occupied.

Clear obstructions

Trim or remove shrubbery that blocks the view of the house from the street.
Trim bushes and trees during the growing season.

Install security and fire alarm systems

Consider installing security and fire alarm devices that can transmit an alarm to the police or fire department when the home alarm sounds.

Keep doors and windows locked

Install deadbolts on all external doors.
Install window hardware with spring-loaded bolts that inserts through the window frame into the wall frame.

Clean house

Remove excess vegetation and piles of leaves.
Clean around your house and garage, removing unused and unneeded paper, trash, cleaning supplies, partial cans of paint and other materials that could become kindling and fuel a fire for an arsonist.


Protecting Homes Against Arson

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