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Educational Resources for Public Fire Educators

Whether you are just getting started in fire safety education or you are a seasoned educator, these resources will get you on your way to a successful program.

Create a Safety Program

The Fire Safety Program Toolkit takes you step-by-step through the development or enhancement of your fire safety education program to meet the specific needs of your community.

Fire Safety Trailers

Adding a fire safety trailer can take your education program to a whole new level by providing students with hands-on learning opportunities that build upon what they learn in the classroom.

Teach Preschoolers

The program shows educators how to empower children ages 3 to 5 with essential fire safety information and skills that can make a big difference in case of an emergency.

Older Adult Interventions

The Fire-Safe Seniors Program helps you plan and implement fire safety interventions for the high-risk group of older adults. It can be used by organizations that serve seniors at the national, state or community level.