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Infectious Diseases Resources for Fire and EMS

Weekly Update of Infectious Diseases and Related Information
A weekly compilation of articles published on infectious diseases policies and vaccines, along with updates on diseases such as COVID-19, mpox and influenza.

Guidance documents

Pandemic response listening session

A new report from USFA summarizes discussions among national emergency response stakeholders about the impact of COVID-19 on the fire and EMS and potential solutions to mitigate response challenges experienced during the recent pandemic.

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Maintaining operational capabilities during a pandemic

During a severe pandemic, workloads increase and staff sizes diminish as employees and their families become ill or are quarantined. This guide provides contingency planning information that can help fire and EMS departments reduce the worst impacts.

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man with face mask

The effects of long COVID on the fire service

The strenuous physical activities performed by firefighters can worsen the symptoms of long COVID. Tune into The USFA Podcast to learn from Dr. Denise Smith about the effects of long COVID on the fire service.

firefighters riding in apparatus cab wearing N95 masks

COVID-19 and its continuing challenges for the fire service

Dr. James Augustine discusses some of the COVID-19 challenges that the fire and EMS continue to deal with.