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  • May 8-12, 2023
  • This event has ended.

International Association of Fire Chiefs Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference

  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Mike will co-present with Chief Tom Huntington from the Richland (Washington) Fire Department.

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IAFC Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference

USFA staff will share information on the education and training needs of chief officers and other fire service managers seeking to create, execute and evaluate measurably successful community risk reduction (CRR) platforms and programs.

National Fire Academy community risk reduction: Institutional learning or strategic partnership?

Mike Weller

Mike Weller

NFA Training Specialist

National Fire Academy (NFA) training specialist Mike Weller will co-present with Richland (Washington) Fire Department Chief Tom Huntington on May 11 from 10:45 a.m. to Noon. Their presentation will explore the effectiveness of placing multiple students from the same fire department into CRR courses and how learning together helps department colleagues to work collaboratively to build an organizational culture that institutionalizes risk reduction as a core value.

NFA training

CRR courses at the NFA empower students with skills to help foster safe, healthy, prepared and resilient communities. Courses align with national professional qualification standards and support a strategic all-hazards approach to the prevention and mitigation of community risks. Our curriculum serves all levels of the emergency services from practitioners to executive-level officers, and features a broad composition of online-mediated and self-study courses, as well as field and on-campus courses.

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