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District of Columbia Fire Loss and Fire Department Profile

This page provides information about District of Columbia fire departments and firefighter and home fire fatalities in 2023.

Fire departments currently registered with the National Fire Department Registry.
Fire departments released 2021 data to NFIRS for analytical purposes.

Fire departments (2023)

Source: National Fire Department Registry

Fire department types

Percentage of fire departments registered with the registry by department type.

VolunteerMostly volunteerMostly careerCareer
District of Columbia%%%%
National average%%%%

Fire department specialized services

Percentage of fire departments registered with the registry that provided specialized services.

%Advanced Life Support
%Basic Life Support
%Departmental (in-house) training academy
%Emergency medical services (EMS) ambulance transport
%EMS nontransport response
%Fire/Injury prevention/Public education
%Fire inspection/Code enforcement
%Fire investigation/Fire cause determination
%Hazardous materials team
%Juvenile firesetter intervention program
%Technical/Specialized rescue
%Vehicle extrication
%Wildfire/Wildland Urban Interface