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Type 3 All-Hazard Incident Management Team Technical Assistance Program

The U.S. Fire Administration's Type 3 All-Hazard Incident Management Team (AHIMT) Technical Assistance Program helps develop Type 3 AHIMTs across the country through classroom and field training. The “All-Hazard” designation implies that the team consists of members from across the emergency services sector. This cross-discipline team lends more expertise to emergency incidents such as natural and man-made disasters and terrorist events.

An important part of the Type 3 AHIMT Technical Assistance Program is team development. This is where the members of an AHIMT work as a team, and learn the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in a learning environment under stressful, dynamic conditions. Team decision making is a critical aspect of effective AHIMTs, and this skill must be developed by the team in an exercise/activity environment so that it can be applied appropriately during an emergency.

Type 3 AHIMT training course (O0305)

The overall goal of the National Fire Academy's Type 3 AHIMT (O0305) course is to develop state, regional and tribal AHIMTs to function under the National Incident Management System during a large and/or complex incident or a major event. This course is designed for those who are assigned to function in a Type 3 AHIMT during a large/complex incident, typically extending into multiple operational periods.

The Type 3 AHIMT Host Guide provides instructions to host agencies on how to set up the Type 3 AHIMT course. It describes the facilities, equipment and material necessary to conduct the course properly.