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  • June 23-29, 2024
  • This event has ended.

National Fire Data Week June 23-29 Get #NERISReady!

  • Virtual / Emmitsburg, Maryland

Learn what your department can do to become NERISReady!

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National Fire Data Week

With NERIS, incident data, when analyzed, provides the intelligence needed to inform a fire department’s strategies and tactics. By participating in a national incident reporting system, fire departments can compare their performance and outcomes across varying incident types, times of day, and at different staffing levels.

National Fire Data Week is June 23-29. This year we will focus on the National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS).

NERIS will empower the fire and emergency medical services community by providing reliable analytics to support enhanced preparedness, prevention and response to all-hazard incidents, wildland urban interface events, Community Risk Reduction efforts, climate change threats and associated resilience and mitigation efforts, and future pandemic emergency response resource preparedness.

During National Fire Data Week, you will hear from fire chiefs testing the prototype, system developers and other fire service leaders engaged on NERIS.

Take time during the week to watch the recorded webinars on:

From the USFA Blog


Nearing the horizon: improved incident reporting, better incident data

In 2023, US fire departments submitted over 30 million incident reports, essential for improving firefighter safety and community protection through data analysis. The National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) is launching in late 2024 and aims to streamline incident reporting.


Tackling America’s fire problem

National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) is scheduled for launch in late 2024, NERIS aims to provide local fire and EMS departments with predictive analytics and real-time data to enhance preparedness, response capabilities, and community risk reduction efforts, marking a significant advancement in data-driven decision-making for fire services nationwide.

Are you excited for the new system?
Make sure your department is #NERISReady.

Below are steps your fire department can take to prepare for NERIS.

  1. Identify a NERIS lead for your fire department. This person should have a deep understanding of your department’s organizational infrastructure, data and systems. They will coordinate onboarding, training and administrative aspects of the transition to NERIS for incident reporting. We have provided the NERIS Core Data Schemas Executive Guide to help get started.
  2. Identify your computer-aided dispatch and record management system providers, and start coordinating with your public safety answering point or 911 dispatch center. Be sure to catalog your mutual and automatic aid agencies and agreements within your response area.
  3. Gather information on station location, units and specifics such as unit capabilities, minimum staffing levels and cross-staffing arrangements. This includes obtaining the most current version of your geographic information system data for fire department/district boundaries in an interoperable format.
  4. Help spread the word about NERIS to neighboring departments and your state fire service organizations.

We hope this information will help you and your department become #NERISReady.