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Photo of firefighter putting on gear

In-Suit Communications Evaluation Video

Posted: May 18, 2023

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The results of a project evaluating in-suit communications (ISC) equipment for emergency responders are available in a 6-minute video from the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). The video presents an overview of the criteria used to evaluate the equipment, steps used by responders for testing, and which devices were most highly rated by responders and why.

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ISC equipment is a category of devices that allow for easier use of push-to-talk tactical radios for responders under fully encapsulated personal protective equipment. ISC can be used with a self-contained breathing apparatus, air purifying respirator (APR), or powered APR.

To learn more about this project and to access associated reports, visit S&T’s In-Suit Communication Equipment page.


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May 18, 2023 InfoGram.

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