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NFIRS Wildland Fire Module

The National Fire Incident Reporting System's (NFIRS's) Wildland Fire Module documents reportable wildland fires.

A reportable wildland fire is any fire involving vegetative fuels that occurs in the wildland or wildland urban interface areas, including those fires that threaten or consume structures. To better understand the role of fire on the wildland ecosystem, prescribed fires also are included in this definition of reportable fires.

Data captured

The Wildland Fire Module captures data about:

  • The number of acres burned and the type of materials involved in these fires.
  • Conditions that contribute to the ignition and spread of wildland fires.
  • Resources needed to control and/or extinguish these fires.

Why this module is important

Incident data captured through NFIRS about wildland and outdoor fires can help you to make the case for funding to assist with your wildfire response.

If you are not using this module:

Ask your state NFIRS program manager or the NFIRS Help Desk for information on how to start reporting wildland fire incident data.

If you are using this module:

Be sure to accurately report incident information about your wildland fire response. Accurate data is essential for decision-making and policy development, identification of community risk reduction needs, and to make your case for funding.