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Wildland Urban Interface: A Look at Issues and Resolutions

A report of recommendations on the wildland urban interface (WUI) fire problem for elected officials, policymakers and all levels of government, tribal and response agencies.

The United States has experienced staggering losses caused by wildfires, especially in the WUI. Wildfires in these areas have led to devastating losses of life, health and property, and cascading financial losses.

Considering certain land and fire management decisions, along with climate change, wildfires are now moving with a speed and intensity previously unseen. Additionally, recent population growth and decades of growing housing development in the WUI is leaving our nation vulnerable to further loss.

Without significant collaborative efforts to facilitate change, our nation will continue to suffer catastrophic wildfire losses in the WUI. To trigger a sense of urgency and motivation to act, the U.S. Fire Administration, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Forest Service, developed this report to document opportunities for organizations and partners at every level to work with each other and resolve the challenges identified in the WUI.

Report overview

This presentation provides an overview of the 13 issues presented in the report.

WUI report story cover image

A closer look at the report

In this video, U.S. Deputy Fire Administrator Tonya Hoover and Jeff Rupert, U.S. Department of the Interior, discuss the background of the report and provide more detail surrounding the issues documented.