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Download: A Prepared and Resilient Fire and Emergency Medical Services pdf January 2024, 26 pages

A Prepared and Resilient Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2024-2027

Table of Contents

Strategic Plan Elements

Building on FEMA’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan, the USFA is leading by example and setting the standard for fire and EMS throughout the country.

Federal Emergency Management Agency strategic framework

Building the FEMA our nation needs and deserves.

A standing man, standing woman and man seated in a wheelchair on different height blocks to bring them to the same level

Goal 1:

Instill equity as a foundation of emergency management

  1. Cultivate a FEMA that prioritizes and harnesses a diverse workforce.
  2. Remove barriers to FEMA programs through a “people first” approach.
  3. Achieve equitable outcomes for those we serve.

Illustration of a woman and man holding a globe of the earth in their hands

Goal 2:

Lead whole of community in climate resilience

  1. Increase climate literacy among the emergency management community.
  2. Build a climate resilient nation.
  3. Empower risk-informed decision making.

Four people, diverse in age and ethnicity, standing next to each other

Goal 3:

Promote and sustain a ready FEMA and prepared nation

  1. Strengthen the emergency management workforce.
  2. Posture FEMA to meet current and emergent threats.
  3. Unify coordination and delivery of federal assistance.

U.S. Fire Administration strategic framework

This strategic plan creates a platform for the USFA to achieve its vision and mission. The plan provides both strategic direction and operational focus.

America’s fire and EMS progress is greatly enhanced by the USFA’s efforts to take the lead on issues important to the fire service. The strategic goals are the foundation for our work towards a fire-safe America.