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National Fire Academy Academic Partnerships

This page provides an accurate and timely resource for National Fire Academy (NFA) students to identify potential transfer credit options towards degree programs.

The NFA strives to create an environment and opportunities that foster individual growth, career development and an appreciation for lifelong learning. In pursuit of this goal, NFA recognizes the importance of partnerships with academic institutions.

Under our academic partnership program, each college or university determines if and how much credit to apply to an individual's degree plan. This determination is outlined in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between NFA and the college or university.

The table below shows the participating academic institutions, with the courses and credits detailed in a portable document format (PDF) file. This is a service for NFA students. NFA does not evaluate the institutions or academic programs contained on this page. Questions regarding specific transfer credit should be directed to the college or university.

Academic institutions interested in pursuing an MOU with NFA may contact for additional information.